Patient Information

First Consultation

  • When you arrive, our medical office assistant will answer your questions and ask you to complete some information about your health and about your pain, and a QR CLINIC informed consent.
  • You will meet the doctor and her assistant , who will have already have reviewed information received from your referring doctor, and will gather more information from you by asking detailed questions about your general medical health, old injuries, scars, past surgeries, what medications you take, and what other health care providers you are seeing.
  • They will perform a physical examination and check your range of motion.
  • They will go over any issues identified, answer your questions and come up with a preliminary treatment plan together.
  • Usually, if your treatment plan calls for a procedure, the doctor will give you a trial treatment during the first visit.
  • We will send your referring doctor a summary letter describing what we discussed.

To Wear & To Bring

  • Continue taking your medications and your normal diet.
  • Wear comfortable and easy-to-remove clothes and shoes.
  • Bring your health information summary and your care card.
  • If you have pain in your shoulders, back or neck please wear a tank top and if you have long hair, be prepared to pull it back with a clip or elastic. Women, please wear a bra that can be unclasped from the back.
  • If you have pain in your hips or knees, Please wear or bring a pair of shorts or loose fitting pair of pants if we are treating your legs or hips.
  • Bring your camera! We would like to take pictures of you to point out any issues we see with your posture and for your future reference.
  • Please don’t wear light coloured clothing.
  • Please avoid wearing any perfumes or perfume products as many of our staff and other patients have allergies.

Appointment Reminders

  • As a courtesy, we will phone you to remind you of your appointment.
  • You are responsible for arriving at your appointment on time, whether or not you receive a reminder.

Missed Appointment Fees

  • We will charge you if you miss an appointment without notifying us at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Missed appointment fees are $150 for an initial consultation and $75 for a follow up appointment.
  • If you are sick – please call us to cancel and rebook your appointment.