Nerve Block Therapy

Inflamed nerves are the main source of severe chronic pain, we bathe these nerves in a sugar related solution, injected just under the skin. This therapy relieves pain immediately.

Nerve Block Therapy information

Why the Treatment Works?
It uses dextrose to stop the pain.

  • Your body is covered with nerves that, if injured, send pain signals to your brain.
  • Your skin and your tongue, your body’s first lines of defense against injury, are particularly well supplied with these nerves.
  • Using dextrose, it is possible to shut down pain receptors on nerves that send pain signals, thus removing your pain. The doctor can explain the medical process in more detail during your visit.
How the Treatment Works?
Thousands of years ago, the Persians treated painful areas in the body by coating them with honey. Is it an Old Wives tale or is there a possibility that honey (a kind of sugar, related to dextrose) actually did reduce pain?

Actually, dextrose can shut down the pain receptors everywhere in your body: Whether you have pain in your face, neck, back, toes or headaches, the pain stops immediately when dextrose is applied near the pain nerves.

Prove it yourself: Your tongue is richly coated with pain receptors to ensure you won’t swallow something that’s too hot or too sharp. To prove that honey (or sugar or dextrose) is effective in preventing or relieving pain, try the following simple experiment:

  • Put sugar (or honey) on your tongue
  • Put a drop of Tabasco sauce on the same area – there should be absolutely no pain.
  • Put the drop of Tabasco sauce on your tongue first.
  • Apply the sugar and the burning on your tongue will stop immediately. The sugar shuts down the pain receptors.
For details on what happens when dextrose controls the pain receptors, see The cycle of pain.
What Happens During the Treatment?
  • You will be injected with a tiny needle near any nerve that transmits pain.
  • The injection contains a sugar solution of 5% dextrose, or mannitol (sugar with 5 water molecules) —pain relief is immediate.
  • If you have pain over a large area, many nerves are affected and you will probably need many injections.
  • You should be pain-free for between two hours and four days after your first injection treatment session.
  • With every additional weekly treatment, you will need fewer injections and your pain relief will last longer until, typically, after four to eight treatments, your pain will disappear completely.
Cost of Treatment
  • The cost of nerve block is covered by MSP.
  • Therefore, the cost is for materials, $25 for each 50mL of solution used, during which you usually receive 25-100mL of solution.
  • Over 80% of patients will find their pain is relieved.
If the pain you experience does not come from injured nerves, but comes from injured ligaments or tendons and joints, then prolotherapy treatments can heal these injuries. see prolotherapy