QR cream research projects
We have been giving our cream to those who come to QR clinic for the treatment of pain.   To date, the 115 people who received the cream, found that it was more effective than all the painkillers they had used previously.  On average it takes about 15 minutes to relieve the pain and, on average, the effect lasts 10 hours.  Some people put the cream on only once and their pain was gone permanently.
Now, we would like to try it officially, as part of randomized, controlled research projects, for certain conditions which people find very hard to treat and where our cream has worked particularly well.
These conditions include:
Migraine headaches which happen more than four times per month
Burning feet from peripheral neuropathy
Arthritis of the hands
Very itchy psoriasis
The pain which follows shingles, postherpetic neuralgia
If you suffer from one of these conditions and would like to try QR cream, we will email you a questionnaire about your condition.  When you come to the clinic, we will give you a supply of the cream and ask you to answer email questionnaires about how well the cream works for you.  
Your answers to these questionnaires will allow us to run official, UBC sanctioned research projects on QR cream.



Welcome to QR Clinic

Living with chronic pain could be very frustrating; in many cases people deal with their pain by taking medications or getting surgeries.


At QR Clinic our mission is to help people who suffer from chronic pain, by providing them with the most scientifically advanced and natural pain relief solutions. Because everyone deserves to live a pain free life.


What do we do?

We treat people with chronic pain using safe, drug-free creams or injection techniques to calm the nerves which cause pain and to repair damaged ligaments, tendons and joints, which are a frequent source of chronic pain.


We help people find relief from their pain.

  • We do research to find better ways to deal with pain.  We are experimenting with a cream that, we believe, is highly effective in relieving pain.  See Research
  • We share our knowledge with patients and health care providers

For MSP funded services, we accept patients referred by physicians and nurse practitioners. We work in partnership with the referring clinicians who continue to manage patients’ overall primary care issues.

We collaborate with family physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists to reduce or eliminate pain, restore normal function, and help people safely reduce their pain medication. 


Referrals are not necessary for getting your treatment.



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A pain doctor’s diary

Scars, a source of pain!

Practically every day when I'm working, I discover something I never learned in medical school or from medical journals.  My teachers are those who come to me for care, my patients. 

Where previously I would have overlooked scars, I learned they could be an important source of pain:  when your skin is injured, say, by a blow, burn or a cut, the nerves which supply the area are also injured.  Normally, as the area heals, the nerves reconnect, and all is well.  Sometimes, though, the nerves get trapped in the scar tissue that is forming, and, as the scar tightens, it imprisons these nerves, squeezing them hard and causing them to send pain signals.  It is possible to free the imprisoned nerves and shut down the pain signals, so they never come back. Here are some of my teachers’ stories.


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